Plastic Feeder Bowl - Anti Choke and Slow Feeder

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This item usually sells for close to $25, which is still a great price for this great slow feeder bowl but we are pet parents as well, and we know the value of a good deal!

Pets that eat rapidly are more likely to present with an assortment of ailments related to their speed eating including:
-Gastrointestinal discomfort
-Food bloat, which can occur from gulping food and swallowed air and is potentially life threatening.

One size fits all
The bowl works great with larger dogs as well as smaller dogs, it is perfect for your pet.
It is the perfect feeder for your pet, perfect to travel with as well.

HIGH QUALITY ECO FRIENDLY: This Slow Feeder Bowl is made with FOOD SAFE, High-Strength ABS materials, and is BPA, PVC, and PHTHALATE FREE.

MAKE EVERY MEAL TIME FUN AND CHALLENGING: Slow Feeder Bowls allow your pets meal times to be much more as nature intended and stop feed times becoming boring.

SLOW YOUR DOGS EATING TIME: The Slow Feeder Bowl is carefully designed to slow down feeding but not be so frustrating the dog gives up. Help control canine obesity with the a maze in a bowl and a calory controlled diet.

EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: The unique design of the Slow Feeder Bowl makes any amount of food go further and so the dog feels full on a smaller amount of food.

Slow feed bowls are designed to prevent gulping.These types of bowls can help reduce the likelihood that your pet will gulp down their meals and thus, they are meant to alleviate the issues associated with fast eating.

Bowls are BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free

Dimensions: 20.2 x 3.9cm/7.8 x 1.6inch(Diameter x Height)

Item Type: Bowls
Material: Plastic
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Type: Dogs
Volume: 20.2x 3.9cm